What's the LDS ? 

Formally known as The Church Of The Latter Day Saints , informally as the Mormons. 

Their belief that they can posthumously baptize relatives into their church has led them to a world wide search of Parish Registry books.
The information they find is available for anyone (whatever their religion) researching family history. It has been filmed and is stored in Salt Lake City.  Part of their research has been on-line since June 1999 and has to date 3 BILLION hits !! that's  8 million hits a day !
I have already listed all 2870 christenings found on-line at the web-site of the LDS and  I am slowly (very slowly) extracting the marriages for the years 1868 to 1905 and will eventually list them all. I am linking the births, marriages and census information to form families and will, one day, have an enormous Bolsterstone Family Tree.

In the mean time: if you find one of "yours" listed and you want to know the parent's names: go to the LDS search site
If you need help on the site ... have a look at my How to.. page.
(or now with parents names at World Connect 16.02.2002).

A click on a letter below will bring you to a list of christenings in the parish records of  St. Mary's Church, Bolsterstone and from the Chaplery of Midhope between the 8th of February 1778 and the 21st. of January 1872.

The ones marked in green have been extracted from the Bishop's Transcripts
of both Bolsterstone Chapelry 
and Midhope Chapelry ... they are quite mixed
up e.g.

One very long sheet with: 
Bolsterstone Register
1793 Bolsterstone christenings
1793 Middop christenings
Bolsterstone 1793
Middop 1793
"This is a true copy of the original taken May 12th 1794"

BT1793.jpg (66540 Byte)  66kb.

The "not green" have been extracted from the Bishop's Transcripts of just the Bolsterstone Parish Records.  
That means: if it's in green it is NOT certain 
(until you look at the
original records) whether the christening actually took place at Bolsterstone or Midhope.

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   The 2870 people and their parents at World Connect

I have merged a lot of the families using the information from the Bishop's Transcripts.
PLEASE: check the original records, I may have made mistakes !

Click here to find the marriages I've extracted so far:

BMDs in August 1881

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